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   Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Clients accounts are liquid on a daily basis and withdrawals can be sent to the client via wire transfers from sufficient available money market funds.

Clients receive quarterly statements and year-end tax statements for their investment management accounts held directly at Guggenheim Investments and Vanguard.

Clients receive quarterly statements and annual contract anniversary statements for their retirement income planning accounts held directly at the insurance carriers.

Clients have complete transparency with online account access to monitor the positions and valuations of their investment management and retirement income planning accounts.

How liquid are client investments?

How transparent are client investments?

Green Pastures complements the investment management programs with retirement income planning solutions that focus on principal protection, income, lifetime income guarantees, and legacy planning.

The Guaranteed Income For Life Solutions are designed to deliver the guaranteed lifetime income part of your retirement income portfolio, lower the risk of your overall portfolio, and help solve for longevity risk so you do not outlive your money.  These solutions act as a transfer of risk strategy from your investment portfolio, that is subject to stock market losses, to create your own "pension-like" guaranteed income stream for life that can begin immediately, or at a specific time in the future.  Our Income With Principal Protection Solutions are designed to deliver you income and fully protect your principal from any market downturn.

Retirement Income Planning

We manage the All Weather Models for no-load mutual fund managed accounts, the Defensive Growth Models for no-load (and load-waived) mutual fund managed accounts, and the PEACE OF MIND Models to provide you with reasonable rates of return - with a level of risk tailored to fit your risk attitude.  The All Weather Models and Defensive Growth Models can be put to use as stand-alone investment portfolios, as complements to each other in the PEACE OF MIND Models, or as complements to your investment portfolio held elsewhere.

Investment Management

Where can I find information about the investment management program performance results?

When evaluating investments, we think it is important to look at risks and returns in a side-by-side comparison.  This allows you to focus on investments that are most suitable to you from a return perspective - and your risk attitude - in order to determine which investments you can stay comfortably invested in during tough times.

Click on the Investment Management drop down tabs to review the performance results and risk / return statistics for our investment management programs.

Can I talk to a Green Pastures advisor without scheduling a consultation?

You are more than welcome to contact Green Pastures without scheduling a consultation.

Most client relationships begin with an exploratory email or phone call, which typically leads to a more detailed discussion either in person or via a Zoom video call.

To learn more about how we may help you please call 203.452.8100, email lee@greenpastureswm.com or use the Contact Us tab.

How much do you charge for your investment management programs?

Unlike many investment advisory firms who sub-contract their investment portfolio management out to other firms (and layer on additional fees in the process), Green Pastures is the portfolio manager for client accounts.  This advantage enables us to offer you our investment advisory services at fair and reasonable fee structures.  Each investment management program we offer has a standard rate structure, ranging from 0.50% to 1.00% annually.  Green Pastures does not charge its advisory fees in advance; rather, all investment advisory fees are charged in arrears, at the end of each quarter.

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