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We invite you to discover the difference that our Goals Based Approach to investing and retirement income planning makes.

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Green Pastures complements investment portfolios with retirement income solutions to help lower the risk of your overall portfolio from stocks and provide you with principal protection, guaranteed income, tax-deferral, guaranteed lifetime income and legacy planning.

Principal Protected Income Solutions are designed to guarantee and protect your principal from any market downturns and deliver you income.

Guaranteed Income For Life Solutions are designed to deliver the guaranteed lifetime income part of your retirement income portfolio, lower the risk of your overall portfolio, and help solve for longevity risk so you do not outlive your money.

Why Green Pastures?

People hire Green Pastures when they do not have the time or inclination to manage their own investments - or they need a new view. 

The combination of reasonable risks and returns is the ultimate investment and retirement income portfolio, giving you the time and freedom to focus on enjoying life – true Peace Of Mind.

We have a commitment to act in your best interest.

To learn more, email lee@greenpastureswm.com.

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​The biggest challenge confronting any investor is balancing risk management and growth potential, and our approach to investing begins with managing exposure to risk. 

Our All Weather Models, Defensive Growth Models and Buffered Investments can be used to complement your investments held elsewhere to help you achieve your long-term investment goals with lower volatility.

Green Pastures is an independent investment advisory firm established in 2003. We love our independence and we have built a firm where ​​clients' needs come first. We get to help people every day, free and clear of the conflicts of interest inherent with big Wall Street firms.

We create investment and retirement income plans for individuals to achieve their long-term life goals. If you have questions about managing your investments, retirement income, or legacy planning - we are here to help.

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