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G R E E N  P A S T U R E S  W E A L T H  M ​A N A G E M E N T

At Green Pastures, we utilize a Goals Based Approach to investment and retirement income planning with the objective of helping you attain specific life goals, such as:
(1) building your investments to a pre-determined retirement nest egg amount,
(2) creating your retirement income plan to make an envisioned retirement lifestyle a reality, or
(3) leaving a legacy to your loved ones.

Goal setting helps eliminate emotion-based investing, performance chasing and motivates you to achieve measurable and realistically achievable life goals.

We often encounter Individuals who do NOT have an investment plan to achieve specific life goals. They simply try to grow their investment and retirement income portfolio over time, or generate the highest possible return, and watch their portfolio fluctuate and drift aimlessly.

Simplify Investing And Simplify Life

How We Invest

That is why so much of what we do focuses on reducing risk in your portfolio. 

By reducing the upward-and-downward volatility in the value of your investments, we create more stable returns; more stable returns typically translates into lowering your stress level; and a lower stress level typically translates into producing better long-term investment results than other investments whose returns are more volatile, because it makes it easier for you to stick with a long term plan and enjoy success. 

We do all we can to achieve the results you want with the lowest level of volatility and risk.

Unexpected Risk

Is The Number One Reason An Investor Abandons His Or Her Investment Plan

And Fails To Achieve His or Her Financial Goals

We Help You Keep Your Eyes On The Prize

Most individuals do not need a full-scale plan – it does not have to be that complicated. Oftentimes, it simply comes down to you determining:
(1) your long-term investment and retirement income life goals,
(2) a realistic investment time horizon that gives your investments time to work out,
(3) what return on investment (and additional investments) is needed to get you there,
(4) a risk attitude assessment that determines both your risk capacity and your risk tolerance, and
(5) a good investment management strategy and/or complementary strategies, which is where Green Pasture's value proposition comes into play,
(6) a budget,
(7) inflation cost of living adjustments, and
(8) estimated taxes. 

Our objective is to help you attain your long-term investment and retirement income life goals, but most importantly, at a risk level you are comfortable with. We will help you put together an investment and retirement income portfolio to do just that, and you can easily track and monitor your progress. 

It is important to be honest with yourself about where you are financially and what your long-term life goals are – and with a little discipline and guidance, you can enjoy long-lasting results.

​​​Goal Setting Is A Game Changer

Many individuals make investing complicated and stressful - and it does not have to be that way. We have found that most investors truly do not need professional planners who lock them into expensive and/or complicated investment services, strategies and investments that:
(1) are too difficult to understand,
(2) have a high commission/fee structure,
(3) lack transparency,
(4) are illiquid, and/or
(5) cost a lot of money to liquidate. 

At Green Pastures, we are here to help you. Our All Weather Models, Defensive Growth Models, Buffered Investments and Retirement Income Solutions can be put to use as complements to each other and/or as complements to your investment and retirement income portfolio held elsewhere. Click on the Investment Management and Retirement Income Planning drop down tabs to learn more. 

Email lee@greenpastureswm.com if you need help with your investment and retirement income plan.

   Investment Management

Investing should be like watching green pastures grow -

plant seeds and, in time, green pastures grow. 

Complementary Approaches To Investing

and a long-term approach is important.

A Goals Based Approach

The Paradox:  Losses are more important than gains

Green Pastures believes that higher long-term returns can be achieved when you pay as much attention to minimizing losses during down markets (bear markets) as you pay attention to maximizing gains during up markets (bull markets).

Controlling risk is the key,

Investors oftentimes build their investment portfolios with only one goal in mind - to maximize returns. In doing so, they may take on far more risk than they had intended, and suffer significant losses during bear markets.

While individuals need good advice, it is human nature to want advice that sounds good. 

Wall Street relies heavily on transaction-oriented business being hustled by brokers for its survival - not yours - and financial journalism is dedicated to "emotional marketing", pitching you on whatever is "hot" at the moment to motivate you to chase returns and make those transactions and commissions flow. 

Emotion-based investing and performance chasing are not investment plans – and they are often recipes for disaster – buying high, then selling low, based on fear of missing out  (FOMO) during bull markets and bear market rallies.

Warren Buffett once famously said “One of the primary purposes of stock market forecasters is to make fortune tellers look good.” And there is often a big difference between the sales pitch and reality.

While performance can vary widely in the short run, even with investments that have traditionally been considered conservative and secure, owning investments for a longer period of time reduces the impact of year-to-year fluctuations. 

Long-term investing creates a smoother investment journey, making your financial road easier and more secure because it increases the likelihood of success. We encourage you to adopt a long-term view of investing and to steer clear of short-term performance chasing.