Green Pastures All Weather Models can be put to use as stand-alone investment portfolios, as complements to our Buffered All Weather Models, Buffered Annuities and Retirement Income Solutions, and as complements to your investment and retirement income portfolio held elsewhere.

The Green Pastures All Weather Models utilize a strategically managed investment strategy. The Models incorporate a Barbell Approach to investing, consisting of Core Index ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds), complimentary Dividend and Defensive ETFs, Fixed Income ETFs and no-load money market mutual funds. 

The goal of the All Weather Models is not to beat the market or any benchmarks. We are not selling performance or promising miracles - the goal is to help you achieve your long-term goals based investment and retirement income plan.


   All Weather Models


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Target Asset Allocation

Investment Objective

Chart 14 below highlights summary performance results and risk/return statistics (Net of 0.50% Advisor Fee) for the Green Pastures All Weather Models through May 31, 2024.

Investment Strategy


G R E E N  P A S T U R E S  W E A L T H  M ​A N A G E M E N T

Performance And Risk/Return Statistics

Each All Weather Model seeks to:

(1) provide capital appreciation and current income consistent with its asset allocation,

(2) make money over complete bull and bear market cycles, and

(3) minimize downside volatility and drawdowns (losses) relative to major U.S. equity market indices during bear markets.

Our approach to managing client investments within the All Weather Models emphasizes three themes:
(1) strategic management,
(2) investment diversification, and
(3) a long-term investment horizon. 

(1) Strategic management: The All Weather Models utilize a strategically managed blend of Dividend, Defensive and Fixed Income ETFs and no-load mutual funds designed to provide you with the optimal balance between expected risk and expected return. 

We utilize a "buy-and-rebalance" approach - whereas each model is periodically re-balanced to take advantage of "reversion to the mean", based upon the rationale that all markets revert to the mean at one time or another - which enables you to benefit from volatility and contrarianism over a long-term investment horizon. 

(2) Investment diversification: We have found that the choice of asset classes has a far greater impact on your strategically managed investment portfolio's long-term investment results than any other investment decision you will make. 

Different asset classes offer returns that are not perfectly correlated; hence diversification reduces the overall risk in terms of the variability of returns for a given level of expected return. If you invest in one of our All Weather Models, your investments will not be overly dependent on any particular asset class. 

(3) A long-term investment horizon: Like most worthwhile investment strategies, the value of broad diversification is manifested over the long-term - and the strategically managed models seek to generate consistent long-term performance results.

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The Green Pastures All Weather Models consist of several asset allocation models, whereby each model differs with respect to its upside performance potential and corresponding downside potential for risk.

>  ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) and No-Load Mutual Funds

>  Minimum Investment: $100,000

>  Liquidity: Daily

>  Transparency: Daily

Advisor Fee: 0.50%

Commissions: None

Hidden Sales Charges:  None

Liquidation Penalties: None