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G R E E N  P A S T U R E S  W E A L T H  M ​A N A G E M E N T

We will be happy to provide you with a Free Portfolio Stress-Test for your current ETF or mutual fund portfolio - to review how it would have held up when you needed it most - during previous bear markets and bull market corrections.

​​During bear markets and bull market corrections, many investors bail out of the market after their risk tolerance is exhausted. They wait until they cannot stomach any further losses - typically after stock prices have already fallen precipitously - then sell near the bottom of the bear markets and bull market corrections.

To compound this problem, during bull markets and bear market rallies, many investors will chase performance and buy into the market after they can no longer stomach missing out on any additional gains (a.k.a., "FOMO" = Fear Of Missing Out) - typically after stock prices have already risen significantly - then buy near the top of the bull market and bear market rallies.

If you cannot tolerate the historical drawdowns (losses) of the investment portfolio that best accomplishes your financial objectives, then you won't stick with the plan - so it really doesn't matter what the "best" investment portfolio is - and it's time to change your financial objectives. On the flip side, if you determine that you are comfortable with your investment portfolio - even in its darkest moments during historical drawdowns (losses) - then there is a much greater likelihood that you will stick with your plan and enjoy long-term success. 

Emotion based investing is not an investment plan - and it's often a recipe for disaster.

Unexpected Risk

Is The Number One Reason An Investor Abandons His Or Her Investment Plan

And Fails To Achieve His or Her Financial Goals

We have found that evaluating your attitude toward drawdowns (losses), in terms of both percentages and dollars, is the single best way to assess if you will - or if you will not - have enough conviction to stick with an investment plan and harvest long-term wealth through bull and bear markets. 

This methodology goes a long way to helping us - help you - construct an investment portfolio that is right for you - that will maximize the probability of you sticking to a plan to achieve your long-term financial goals.


Conduct A Worst Drawdown (Loss) Analysis

The biggest challenge confronting any investor is balancing risk management and growth potential.

Many investors build their investment portfolios with one goal in mind - to try and make as much money as possible. In doing so, they often take on far more risk than they intended - often without realizing it - then suffer severe losses during market bear markets and bull market corrections..

Stress-Test Your Investment Portfolio

   Free Portfolio Stress-Test (Mutual Funds and ETFs)