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If there is one thing that Leeland has learned from coaching over the years is that you can't win alone - it takes a team effort to be successful.  To that end, Green Pastures has established relationships with several highly respected companies that enable us to offer you our investment management programs and the retirement income planning solutions we provide.  Following are some of the key organizations that Green Pastures is proud to include on our team, and the services they provide:

Our investment management and retirement income planning services are specifically designed to help reduce the level of emotional decision making that can derail the best of plans.  There are several paths you can take to reach a financial destination and our aim is to help you choose an investment path that will help you achieve your financial objectives with the greatest comfort and success. 

We spend time getting to know you and your reasons for investing, the results you expect, your attitude toward risk, and your comfort level with different types of investments.  Once we understand what is most important to you, and  the direction you are headed, we identify a clear and simple, but sound, course of action.

Whether you are an experienced investor or seeking advice for the first time, we will work with you to create an investment solution, work on your behalf to make sure it gets implemented, then keep you on the right track at a risk level you are comfortable with.  And we will adjust your portfolio as your circumstances, financial objectives and plans for the future evolve.

Green Pastures is constantly pursuing better strategies to improve your performance with equal or less risk, and we seek simpler routes to achieve your goals, and less expensive ways to obtain the same quality results.  And we make it easy to follow the success of your investments with complete transparency, online account access, quarterly performance updates with easy to read goals-based reports, and periodic meetings.

We help bridge the emotional gap between greed (your desire to generate investment returns) and fear (your aversion to taking on risk).

>  Balancing Risk Management And Growth Potential:  The biggest challenge confronting any investor is balancing risk management and growth potential.  Many investors build their investment portfolios with one goal in mind - to maximize returns.  In doing so, they often take on far more risk than they intended - often without realizing it - and suffer significant losses during market corrections. 

It is how well your investments perform through complete bull and bear market cycles that must be compared side-by-side in order to accurately assess their long-term value and, in addition, the merits of your investment advisor's value added.  We ask you to look at not just what portion of the rise we may capture on the upside with our investment management, but more importantly, what portion of the fall we may help protect you from on the downside.  This comparison is where we believe you will see the real difference in our approach to investment management.

>  A Plan Through Bull And Bear Markets:  We have found that unexpected risk is the number one reason investors abandon their investment strategies and fail to achieve their financial objectives - and that is why so much of what we do focuses on reducing risk in your portfolio - and why our risk management approach to doing business can make a world of difference to you.  We will assess your financial situation and work with you to define your financial objectives, map out a plan to get you there, make sure it gets implemented, and keep your portfolio appropriately structured over time, to help counter the emotional element that can derail the best of plans.

Quality Of Life:  People hire Green Pastures when they don't have the time or inclination to manage their own investments, they simply feel their time is better spent elsewhere - or they need a new view.  When it comes to managing your investments, we take that responsibility seriously.  The combination of reasonable risks and returns, with real peace of mind, is the ultimate investment portfolio, giving you the time and freedom to focus on the more enjoyable aspects of life.

Why should I hire Green Pastures instead of managing my own money?

Crump Life Insurance Services

Crump is a prominent independent wholesale distributor of life insurance company products.  Through our relationship with Crump, Green Pastures offers you products and services from only the most highly-rated insurance companies in the industry, rated "A-" (Excellent) or higher by A.M. Best.  Client annuity contracts are held directly at the respective insurance companies with direct access and complete transparency.

Crump is uniquely positioned to assist Green Pastures in offering you innovative annuity asset management and retirement income planning solutions via principal protected income solutions, guaranteed income for life solutions and legacy planning solutions from top rated insurance companies including, but not limited to:

AIG      Allianz      American Equity      American National      Athene      Delaware Life      Global Atlantic      Great American

Guardian      Integrity      Lincoln Financial Group      Mass Mutual      Met Life      National Life      Nationwide      

New York Life      North American     Oceanview      Penn Mutual      Principal      Protective Life      Prudential               Reliance Standard    Securian/Minnesota Life    The Standard      Sagicor      Symetra      United of Omaha      Venerable


Vanguard is the mutual fund company of choice as custodian for Green Pastures All Weather Models for no-load mutual fund managed accounts.  Vanguard's low fee structure enables Green Pastures to manage our strategic asset allocation strategies in the most cost effective manner for you.  Client All Weather accounts are held directly at Vanguard with direct access and complete transparency.


Guggenheim Investments

Guggenheim Investments acts as the custodian for Green Pastures Defensive Growth Models for no-load (and load-waived) mutual fund managed accounts.  Guggenheim's advanced technology aggregation platform enables Green Pastures to manage our dynamic asset allocation strategies for you efficiently and effectively.  Client Defensive Growth accounts are held directly at Guggenheim Investments with direct access and complete transparency.


Company Overview

Green Pastures is an independent investment advisory firm located at Gray Friesian Farm in Easton, Connecticut.  We give ongoing investment management and retirement income planning guidance to individuals and families.

We have learned that investment management is not about managing investments.  It's about helping you the same way we would want to be helped.  We take the time to understand your financial objectives and your emotions around money.  We then help you to determine and implement an investment solution tailored to fit you and your risk attitude, so you can feel comfortable with your investment management strategy and stick with a plan.

Green Pastures has a fiduciary responsibility to put the needs of our clients first, and we've structured our business in a way to do just that.  We believe that Wall Street brokerage firms' are burdened with too many conflicts of interest and, as an independent firm, we are answerable only to our clients and to our commitment to their success.  Green Pastures is a fee-only investment advisory firm, which means we do not work on commission.*  We are paid only by you, the investor, and this lets us provide you the most objective guidance possible.  Our fees are based on a percentage of your assets under management which aligns our incentive with your best interest in mind.  If your portfolio goes down, our income goes down; if your portfolio rises, our income rises.

​We help you and we don't apply pressure - we are not here to sell performance or promise miracles - and our approach to doing business makes a world of difference to our clients.

*Except for Annuities, which may be recommended as part of an overall asset allocation and/or retirement income planning solution, that may include a commission in lieu of fees.

Our Mission is to help you make more money with less risk and more peace of mind.

Peace of mind is an important aspect of life for which you work hard to enjoy - and we don't take it for granted.  We are committed to helping you invest wisely to grow and protect your money, giving you time and freedom to focus on the more enjoyable aspects of life.

Leeland F. Gray, Jr. founded Green Pastures in 2003.  He is the President and portfolio manager at the firm, where he developed and manages the All Weather Models for no-load mutual fund managed accounts, the Defensive Growth Models for no-load (and load-waived) mutual fund managed accounts, and the the PEACE OF MIND Models.  Leeland combines these investment models with annuities to create well balanced investment and retirement income planning solutions for clients.

Leeland attended the University Of Texas at Austin.  With over 27 years of investment management experience, prior to founding Green Pastures in 2003, he worked with A.G. Edwards and Sons and an investment advisory firm in Westport, Connecticut.  Originally from Newport Beach, California, Leeland now resides in Ridgefield, Connecticut.  He has three older "kids", Jannike, Jarrett and Jettke.

Outside of his investment business activities, Leeland enjoys working out, coaching, fishing, hiking, playing pickle ball and other outdoor sports.  He is passionate about coaching and has given back to local communities by coaching over the years.

Leeland took over as Head Varsity Coach of the St Joseph High School (Trumbull, CT) Girls Lacrosse program in 2016.  Since then, he has led the team to two State Championship appearances and three State Semifinal appearances during the past six seasons.  He was named CT Class M Coach Of The Year in 2022 and US Lacrosse Coach Of The Year for CT high schools in 2019.  Leeland co-coached two CT National Under Armour teams in 2021 and 2022. He also enjoys coaching girls lacrosse camps, clinics and private and semi-private lessons.  Prior to coaching at St Joes, Leeland coached girls youth lacrosse from 2010-2015 and served as the Girls Lacrosse Program Director for RELAX (Redding-Easton, CT Lacrosse) from 2013-2015. 

Leeland coached youth football from 2005-2010 and served as a former Vice President of the Aspetuck Wildcats Football Association (Easton-Redding-Weston, CT) during 2008-2009.  He coached the offense for the American Youth Football ("AYF") 7th Grade Aspetuck Wildcats Football Team that won the 2008 AYF National Championship in Florida.